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Reflect On This


Counseling With Kade

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (171)

Seeking counseling can be a scary thing. The idea of opening up to someone about our deepest, most intimate fears, worries, and desires can cause anxiety. What if it does not work? What if I do not like my counselor? These questions, along with many more, can make the idea of counseling unappealing. Counseling does not have to be a scary or mysterious thing though. Allow me to share a bit about the process of counseling and common areas of concern I work with. It is my sincerest hope that this will help remove the anxiety surrounding seeking counseling.

            Individual talk therapy can be used for a wide variety of issues. Common concerns include depression, anxiety, anger, impulse control, self-esteem, communication with others, and many more. In working with each of these concerns, we will look at how past decisions and beliefs are impacting your life currently. We will use the insight we gain in these investigations to help us identify how to best empower you for the future. It is my personal belief that we are personally responsible for the decisions we make, and that who we are in the present is a result of a lifetime of decisions and beliefs. Once we are able to identify the decisions and beliefs that limit our growth, we can begin working toward making deep, meaningful changes in our lives. While none of us live a perfect life, we each deserve to live as fulfilling of a life as we can. While coming to individual talk therapy may initially be uncomfortable, as the process continues it can provide a great deal of relief for a number of concerns. Let us explore what we can do to help you live the life you deserve.

            The approach I use in counseling is called existentialism. One of the primary focuses of existential counseling is not to “cure” the negative feelings we experience, but to learn to cope with them knowing that at some point in each of our lives, we are likely to encounter them again. A life without negative feelings is not possible, but what is possible is learning to face stress, sadness, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions in a positive, productive manner. Your happiness is in your hands, and you have the responsibility to give yourself the best life you can. In counseling, we will explore ways you can expand your decision making skills to further increase your satisfaction with life. Not only will we look at what you are currently experiencing, but we will also explore bigger picture questions. How do you live life to the fullest? How do you develop and express your individuality while remaining connected to others? How do you tolerate uncertainty? Coming to a better understanding of your personal answers to these questions serves to better prepare you for the future. Existential counseling aims to understand the link between what we do and how we feel so that we may act more deliberately and with greater ownership of our actions.