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Local Mental Health Non-Profit
Possible Warning Signs of Suicide
Diabetes and Depression
The Dangers of Untreated Biploar Disorder

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Local Mental Health Non-Profit

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Possible Warning Signs of Suicide


There is not a single cause for suicide, nor is there always a certain warning sign that a person may be suicidal. Depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns beyond the level with which a person can cope can lead to suicidal thoughts or actions. If left untreated, these mental health conditions can increase a person’s chances for suicidal thoughts or actions. However, when treated properly people can manage their mental health concerns and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Diabetes and Depression

Depressioncan strike anyone, but people with diabetes may be at a greater risk. Diabetes is a serious health concern that afflicts an estimated 16 million Americans.Treatment for depressionhelps people manage symptoms of both diseases, thus improving the quality of their lives.
Several studies suggest that diabetes doubles the risk of depression compared to those without the disorder. The chances of becoming depressed increase as diabetes complications worsen. Research shows that depression leads to poorer physical and mental functioning, so a person is less likely to follow a required diet or medication plan.


Schizophrenia can be a very intense and scary experience for both the sufferer and their family and friends.  The good news is that it can often times be successfully treated with medication.  The difficult part of treatment is getting the individual who is suffering to consistently take their medication. 

Individuals who suffer from schizophrenia struggle with accepting their hallucinations (hearing things and seeing things) are not real.  This is because the hallucinations are just as real to them as hearing or seeing you.

The Dangers of Untreated Biploar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health problem that affects about 2.3 million Americans, more than one percent of the population. The main reason many people with bipolar disorder are not being treated is because it's hard to diagnose. But even after diagnosis, treatment may be difficult. Some people who are diagnosed stop their treatment because they decide they don’t need it anymore, or because medication side effects are too distressing.

All of this adds up to many people with bipolar disorder who are not getting the treatment they need—and who risk serious health consequences.

Counseling With Kade

Seeking counseling can be a scary thing. The idea of opening up to someone about our deepest, most intimate fears, worries, and desires can cause anxiety. What if it does not work? What if I do not like my counselor? These questions, along with many more, can make the idea of counseling unappealing. Counseling does not have to be a scary or mysterious thing though. Allow me to share a bit about the process of counseling and common areas of concern I work with. It is my sincerest hope that this will help remove the anxiety surrounding seeking counseling.

Mental Health Stigma

Mental Illness in America Comic Strip

I had recently come across this comic strip that was originally from a blog called Robot Hugs which eloquently expresses how much of society sees mental illness and how it is treated in comparison to physical diseases. Although it is a tad exaggerated, it doesn’t dampen the gravity of the way some individuals view mental illness. Unfortunately, despite the
progression of contemporary psychology and psychiatry today, society still views mental illness with a stigma. Often, individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and any other mental illness are viewed as weak and unable to emotionally adapt to the stressors and the harshness of life.

Mental Health Tips for College Students

Healthy Minds: Tips for Every College Student

Did You Know?
· Mental health conditions are most common during the ages of 18-24. In fact, twenty-seven percent of young adults experience mental health conditions, of which anxiety disorders and depression are the two most common disorders.
· Mental illnesses – if left untreated – can derail a young adult’s college career and dismantle many other areas of their life and dreams. With treatment, nearly all people who experience a mental health condition can live normal, productive lives.

Locations Served

Reflections Counseling of Denton serves clients from many areas including Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Sanger, Argyle, Corinth, Lake Dallas, and many more.  We offer affordable rates so that anyone can get the help they need.  Give us a call at (940) 367-9887 for more details or to schedule an appointment.

Why Yelling Defeats Your Purpose

For some, when in a heated conversation, emotions are not  the only thing on the rise; so is the volume of the voice.  When this occurs the individual is attempting to get their point across or be heard.  The idea of increased volume = increased understanding is an irrational thought; meaning it is not based on factual evidence. 
If you are a yeller you need to understand the following:
Abstract cognitive processes occur in the frontal part of our brains.  This type of thinking is needed for successful communication.