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Dennise Brosig, M.S.

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Supervised by:

Heather N. Smith, M.Ed.
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Counseling Fees:

$85 Per Session

Counseling Services For:

Adults & Adolescents

Counseling Services Include:

Sadness/Depression, Stress/Anxiety, ADHD, Career Counseling, Codependency, Self Esteem Concerns, Life Transitions, Peer Relationships, Relationship Issues, Family Conflict, Trauma & PTSD, Bipolar Disorder & Women's Issues

Dennise's Creditionals

Dennise graduated from Texas Woman’s University (TWU) where she received a Master of

Science in Counseling and Development. While attending TWU, Dennise's areas of study included children and adolescent counseling, multicultural counseling, trauma and PTSD counseling, and various approaches to helping those struggling with maladaptive behaviors. Dennise works with individuals who may be experiencing a variety of concerns such as life transitions, low self-esteem, sadness, stress and other presenting concerns that are causing disruption in one's life.


Dennise's Approach to Counseling

Dennise primarily aids clients through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). When needed she also pulls from other theories to provide a holistic approach allowing her to tailor each session to her client's individual needs. She provides a safe, comfortable space allowing her clients to feel free to talk through their concerns without fear of judgment or rejection. 

What You Can Expect

During your first session with Dennise she will begin establishing a helping relationship with you. She will collaborate with you on creating a plan that reflects your therapeutic goals. Part of this plan will be to go over what current coping skills you have, accessing if those coping skills are healthy or unhealthy, and aiding you to let go of your unhealthy coping skills while working to integrate healthy ones. In each session Dennise will help you talk through what is emotionally weighing on you, promoting you to self-reflect and aiding you to challenge any unrealistic thoughts or expectations you may have that are getting in your way. Dennise believes that you are the expert of your life and experiences and will utilize your self-insight to help you achieve what you are truly capable of.

You can schedule an appointment with Dennise by calling (940) 367-9887.

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